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by Endless Idiot

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Photographs 02:36
Little banker with a thousand pound gun Posing with an animal killed for fun Lining up people on a public beach Hand on a gun and a bullet in the breach A man on a yacht buys a billion-dollar ride A kid with one shoe jetsam on the tide Some bloody player gets a few bloody tries Same bloody liars tell the same bloody lies Sent down the wire from a far off state Sized for the paper and a fashion plate Paid by the piece or a daily rate Used on Facebook for clickbait Smug little banker Hand on the gun Bloody liar A fashion plate On the beach - A kid, one shoe - I can connect nothing
Down 00:53
Holy 03:42
Praise the sun, praise the light Praise the sun, praise If we’d read it in scripture I’m sure, we would have believed That god was a bitch to the dog of a bore of a man insane We’d believe - that stones - could cure our bones And the point of a wasp is its lack of a point On our knees on the flags with our eyes closed in dread We’d shout out his name - holy! holy! Our invisible spirits would dance on the end of a pin So all of the doubtful damned could see and believe Our knees may be broken - our cheap souls scratched and shot Our arches have fallen - prayer can solve the lot We’re waiting for rapture - a lift into heaven on paper wings real soon And all the time - missing - nobody looks at the moon Praise the sun, praise the light We’re waiting for rapture - a lift into heaven And all the time It’s the right of the victor to choose its own salvation The labour of slaves helped to build our standalone nation Write down this number - the national hymn is the rightful tune Pull down the blinds in the dark - nobody look at the moon
Squeal piggy Old England made it happen, the exception rules again Who else deserves a headline on that boot-lick News at Ten The feedback all collated, a regurgitation boost Trust baby fists with iron reins and coo at nobs who rule the roost A Trusted pile in Essex and you’re up above the law They got their cocks out of their pockets Bet you can’t tell what they’re for Squeal piggy squeal, squeal piggy squeal You have to like it, you have to love it I’m in the clear now, don’t blame the mess on me I take what pleasure I can get from a Facebook post on history But the chip up on my shoulder gets higher every year When self-proclaimed ex-anarchists are toasting royal birth in beer Squeal piggy squeal, squeal piggy squeal I hope you like it, I hope you love it Stub your British fag-end out on a saucer-souvenir Blame the lack of progress on the bombed out fuckers flooding here Watch the royal interview, pay Netflix for The Crown And work your forty hour week and rub your scratch card up and down Bend across the throne once more and drop your stinking pants Put your literate X on the one with a flag, laugh at all those lefty rants Ha ha ha Squeal piggy squeal, squeal piggy squeal Bend over - you have to like it, why else would you do it? Squeal piggy
All the facts are fake We made an ignorant mistake To watch the mirror break And still go along with the money song Work hard hard to flog corruption Wave the flag for a rotten nation Export war to sell more bombs We got targets to hit (hit) You can get to the top if you harden up enough Chain the world if you dig down long enough Get to the top and you’ll love the view You can still see stars from here Work - it’s what you have to do The science fiction lied to you Grease the robot mass-production Shove it down your throat (all the way) The packing plant full automated Employment law deregulated The winners walled away and gated Smiling at the times Will it make you turn Will it make you burn When your life is full of shit When you can’t make enough off of what the machines make to live Will it make you turn Will it make you burn
Let’s dance - let’s dance they said Dance to the system That’s what it takes to get the body moving The system is built so they can feel it work Theory of movement They nodded to De Sade It’s all fluids and shocks to the system Don’t make the mistake to think the cruelty is incidental When you trample underfoot it makes the contrast more orgasmic Theory, Movement You can have it all watch them plastering the streets with propaganda But the distance of travel is always twice what it seems Pushing into work every day to create more wealth for the wealthy Let’s dance - let’s dance - let’s dance they say, dance to this Theory of movement You can read it in Marx if you want to take the trouble You can read it in Machiavelli Don’t make a mistake and think the cruelty is incidental A percentage are born for this - the point for them is Movement A theory A movement
Up 03:44
You took a part in a play Expression of free will Rehearsal night and day You took a part in a play Expression of free will Rehearsal night and day Rolling a rock up a hill Rolling a rock up a hill Every step is weighed And it’s a bitter pill When your grip slips away Follow it down Follow it down Follow it down Rolling a rock Hill Rolling a rock Rolling a rock up a hill


Regular band forced off the road by the pandemic, an isolated ENDLESS IDIOT did this instead. Most of the songs were written on a Maschine Mikro Mk3, an alien way to work. Fun.

If anyone listens to Sisyphus, ENDLESS IDIOT might do more. Don't say you weren't warned.


released February 26, 2021

Written, sung, played, recorded, mixed, mastered, designed and released by Endless Idiot. Tools by Cockos, Native Instruments, Steinberger, Yamaha, Amplifire, Hewlett-Packard, Gear4Music, Van Damme, Neutrik, Shure, Behringer and M-Audio. Numerous generous people on YouTube taught EI how to use the gear. Released 2021 by No Nation Punk.


all rights reserved



Endless Idiot Wallingford, UK

Endless Idiot is a one-faced musical mash exploring different styles and going where the fancy takes. So far the fancy has led to synthwave, post-punk, hauntology, dark folk, minimalism, field recordings, and experimental and orchestral writing. DIY wherever possible, Endless Idiot has fronted or contributed to a fair few bands over the years, most recently punk outfit Who Killed Nancy Johnson? ... more

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